Are Pre-Owned Lamborghini Urus and Huracan Sold with Altered or Rolled Back Mileage..?

Mileage blockers, mileage correctors, and mileage emulators exist allowing anyone to alter the mileage of their vehicle. If mileage alterations aren’t reported o DMV when discovered, a consumer may inevitably buy that vehicle under fraudulent circumstances.


  1. It’s rumored that mechanics are not reporting mileage alterations to DMV and only flagging the VIN in their internal system, resulting in CarFax incorrectly showing “no odometer issues.”
  2. CarFax reports seemingly aren’t truly reliable for Lamborghinis.
  3. Devices like “mileage blockers,” “mileage correctors,” and “mileage emulators” exist.
  4. Buyer suffer financially when they buy vehicles with rolled back miles.


Mileage Blockers

What is a mileage blocker?

Mileage Blockers are specially designed to stop a car’s odometer from registering mileage. They can be installed on a can-bus or flex ray communication protocol to give the user control of every set of data, for example driving speeds, mileage data or service information, which can then be modified to meet their needs.

Modern vehicles usually have multiple data storage units. Companies such as “Mileage Blocker” sells products can modify a the car’s control modules (also known as ECU’s) and EEPROM memories, making their readings appear altered.

Lamborghini Rolled backmileage issues

Their website reads: “You can easily plug these systems in between the loom and the instrument cluster and activate or deactivate them whenever you need”


What is a “Mileage Corrector”?



Are CarFax Reports 100% Reliable?

While CarFax provides a certificate of guarantee when you purchase a car that they certify doesn’t have any odometers issues however, the cost of rectifying issues related to purchasing a vehicle with mileage alteration can be drastic.

It appears a major issue is that CarFax relies on dmv reporting for odometer accuracy however, a company “flagging” a VIN in their internal system does not result on that data being transferred to the DMV and the respective vehicle’s registration.


According to CarFax these are the 10 states nationwide with the most vehicles with rolled-back odometers, all of which saw increases:

Chart showing the top 10 states nationwide with the most vehicles with rolled back odometers, all of which saw increases. They are, in order, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, Arizona, and North Carolina.


Certified Pre-Owned Cars with Rolled Back Mileage..?

Users all over the internet has reported that people are even being sold cars as “certified pre-owned” vehicles, which actually have mileage alterations and/or have been rolled back.

lamborghini certified preowned rolled back miles

The Financial Cost to the Buyer

When you purchase a vehicle one of the most important factors is the amount of mileage/usage the vehicle has had, which can effect the price of the vehicle by tens of thousands. One major issue that has been discovered is that there are Lamborghini Huracans and Urus’s being sold on the market for $199,000-$300,000.

A higher mileage vehicle typically commands a lower price on the used market, and once the true odometer reading becomes known, your car’s value is reduced. According to Carfax data, consumers lose an average of $4,000 in value from unknowingly buying a car with a rolled-back odometer, and that doesn’t include unexpected maintenance costs.

There are routine maintenance items you might have thought were months or years away, but which now require immediate attention. Specifically, if you compare the actual odometer reading with the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual, you may discover that something like the shocks or struts have been due for a replacement for some time now.

Even a small adjustment of a few thousand miles will affect values. However, most odometer tampering incidents involve tens of thousands of miles. That means the 7-year-old sedan showing 40,000 miles on the odometer might actually have 90,000 miles or more.

Discovering a rolled-back odometer can have other repercussions. If you financed your vehicle, you will have to tell the finance company what the correct mileage is, and that true number could mean an increase in your interest rate.

Your insurance company might raise your premium based on that same info. Policies are based on a number of factors, including a vehicle’s body style, make, model, model year, condition and mileage. In a worst-case scenario, your insurance might be canceled.

Resolving an odometer rollback fraud case takes time and money, and you may need an attorney to represent you.


What to Do If You Find an Odometer Rollback

Odometer fraud is a major problem for consumers and happens in every state. So, what do you do if you’re a victim of this scam? The agency designated to handle and investigate odometer rollback cases differs from state to state.

State Agencies in Charge of Odometer Fraud

The federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also has a website that lists which agency handles odometer fraud in each state, and information about federal investigations into odometer fraud, some of which use Carfax data.

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