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Time to Buy $ADA? Here is a Deep Dive into Cardano with Great Information

Cardano’s ADA was one of the best performing crypto coins in the past 2 cycles, but the million dollar question […]
navy federal discriminates against bankruptcy participants FOR LIfe

Unveiling Discriminatory Practices: NFCU’s Lifetime Ban Policy and Questionable Customer Service

Recent revelations surrounding Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) shed light on the credit union's controversial lifetime ban policy for individuals with past bankruptcies and concerns about questionable customer service interactions. This article delves into the discriminatory implications of the lifetime ban policy and highlights the importance of respectful and considerate customer service in the financial sector.
MEX C’s Lockout Raises Concerns Over Bitcoin Futures Trading and Platform Integrity

MEX C’s Lockout Raises Concerns Over Bitcoin Futures Trading and Platform Integrity

The recent incident involving MEX C, a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform, has caused significant unease among users as they were locked out of their Bitcoin futures trading options. This unfortunate incident occurred precisely during a period when Bitcoin prices were dropping, leading to suspicions of potential scams, market manipulation, and raising questions about the platform's integrity.
CryptoScam banner

Unveiling the Dark Side: Unfair Advantage, Fraud, and Manipulation in the World of LP Launches and NFT Mints

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain, LP (Liquidity Pool) launches and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) mints have gained immense popularity. These events offer unique opportunities for investors and collectors to participate in exclusive projects. However, when individuals within a company, such as "JPEG Store," exploit their insider knowledge to manipulate the system, it raises concerns about fraud, dishonest practices, and the erosion of fairness in the crypto community.

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