What is Paribus (PBX) and what are the Tokenomics?

Token Supply

  • Total Supply: 10B
  • Sale In Aggregate: 4B
  • Ecosystem: 3.3B
  • Foundation: 1.5B
  • Strategic/Advisory: 700M
  • Liquidity Provisioning: 500M
  • The larger ecosystem is designed to reward and stimulate users. Given more exotic assets have less defined marketplaces, encouraging trading by way of community support is essential.
  • A sizable sale allows the Paribus team to strategically distribute the token to value add investors as well as the public. The team believes this will ultimately facilitate platform usage.
  • The remaining is relatively traditional but the team is anticipating platform needs. For example, additional liquidity may be required when going cross chain, while worthy partners, content creators and centralized exchange partners can add considerable value.


Token Sale Distribution

  • Seed: 1.4B PBX @.0002
  • Private: 2.1 PBX @.00027
  • Public: 500M PBX @.0003


Additional Numbers:

  • Circulating Supply Following TGE: 565M PBX
  • Listing Price: .0003USD
  • Hard Cap: 997K
  • Market Cap At TGE (based on public price): 169.5K**

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