Purchasing a Car or Truck with a Bill of Exchange without Administrative Procedures via Affidavit

In a world without shady car and truck dealers extorting, coercing, and depriving Americans out of there secured property (Dollars/Federal […]

Fraud in Mortgages and “Closing” Tables Explained

Let’s take a general view on what really goes on with a “mortgage” loan. Can you identify the fraud in […]
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Unveiling the Dark Side: Unfair Advantage, Fraud, and Manipulation in the World of LP Launches and NFT Mints

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain, LP (Liquidity Pool) launches and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) mints have gained immense popularity. These events offer unique opportunities for investors and collectors to participate in exclusive projects. However, when individuals within a company, such as "JPEG Store," exploit their insider knowledge to manipulate the system, it raises concerns about fraud, dishonest practices, and the erosion of fairness in the crypto community.

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