Is BURGER KING, RBI, Arby’s, and/or McDonald’s GUILTY of Fraud by Forcing the Use of a Social Security Number?

Given the obvious existence of public and private law, men and women must ensure they are informed of their rights, who they are, and very importantly they must understand what “deprivation under the color of law” is, and how deplorable COMPANIES will deprive them of their rights “under the color of law” an literally lie to their faces and gaslight them, “legally” (not the same of lawful).

For instance BURGER KING is presently under scrutiny for forcing its employees to use a Social Security Number in direct violation of the law and 42 U.S. Code § 408(a)(8) – Penalties, which is also a felony. 

Americans are being forced to classify themselves as employees and use a Social Security Number and thus being forced to be subject to the restrictions places on their rights as nationals/non-citizen nationals/internationally protected persons.

Presently BURGER KING and RBI have an outstanding 100 Million Dollar claim from an American that was terminated for asking to stop beig forced to use the social, causing injury and damage to the man and his wife, and infant children.

BURGER KING and/or RBI employ a large number of Americans, all whom are being deprived under the color of law, forced to use a Social Security Number, forced into peonage and involuntary servitude, improperly taxed, their Federal Reserve Notes are being embezzled, and the full details and extent of what BURGER KING is doing with the employees and/or American’s information is not being revealed to them.


Legal and Lawful are not the same and BURGER KING and counsel Julie Breau are well aware of this. Julie Breau continues to act dishonorably and deprive employees under the color of law, and refuses to act honorably. This type of activity can easily be classified as modern day slavery, human trafficking, fraud, extortion, coercion, deprivation of rights under the color of law, bank fraud, theft, embezzlement, larceny, identity theft, forced peonage, false pretenses, trusts in restraint of trade, Constitutional violations, and treason.

When BURGER KING counsel Julie Breau a was questioned about these obvious violations, she was unable to provide a valid answer.

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