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Exotic Cars, Mortgages, Anything! – BILLS OF EXCHANGE ARE Valid Tender of Payment

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As in compliance with the BILLS OX EXCHANGE ACT, House Joint Resolution 192, of 1933 Public Policy 73-10, 31 USC § 3123, 18 USC § 8, UCC § 3-311, 3-104, 3-419, and 3-603.

Obstruction is happening everyday. One must enforce!


House Joint Resolution 192 OF 1933 PUBLIC LAW 73-10: Stipulates nobody can demand payment in a SPECIFIC CURRENCY.

UCC 3-603 Stipulates: If tender of payment (BILL OF EXCHANGE or other debt instrument/legal tender) is refused the BALANCE is DISCHARGED!

UCC 3-311(d) states: (d) A claim is discharged if the person against whom the claim is asserted proves that within a reasonable time before collection of the instrument was initiated, the claimant, or an agent of the claimant having direct responsibility with respect to the disputed obligation, knew that the instrument was tendered in full satisfaction of the claim.

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