Money of Account: A List of Financial Instruments Considered ‘Money of Account’

Here is a list of financial instruments related to real estate, credit cards, car loans, and insurance premiums. An extensive array of money of account in various sectors:

Money of Account

1. Home Equity Loans: Loans where the borrower uses their home equity as collateral. The amount is based on the home’s market value minus the mortgage balance.

2. Construction Loans: Short-term loans to finance property building or renovation, converting into a traditional mortgage upon completion.

3. Bridge Loans: Short-term loans for immediate cash flow, used in real estate for financing new property purchases before selling existing property.

4. Commercial Paper: Short-term, unsecured promissory notes by property developers or REITs for quick funding.

5. Real Estate Options: Contracts giving the right to buy or sell property at a specified price within a certain period.

6. Seller Financing Agreements: The seller provides financing to the buyer, often in the form of a mortgage or land contract.

7. Property Tax Liens: Legal claims against a property for unpaid property taxes.

8. Reverse Mortgages: Loans allowing seniors to convert part of their home equity into cash.

9. Balloon Loans: Mortgages with a large “balloon payment” at the end, covering the remaining principal balance.

10. REIT Funds: Funds investing in public real estate investment trusts.

11. Promissory Notes: Written promises to pay a specified sum, often used in mortgage agreements.

12. Mortgages: Legal agreements where a property is used as security for a loan.

13. Deeds of Trust: Agreements transferring a property’s legal title to a trustee as security for a loan.

14. Land Contracts: Agreements where the buyer makes payments to the seller for property use rights until the purchase price is fully paid.

15. Leases: Contracts for conveying property for a specified time in return for periodic payment.

16. Liens: Rights to keep possession of property until an owed debt is discharged.

17. Equity Lines of Credit: Loans based on the equity of the borrower’s home.

18. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Securities: Securities investing in real estate through properties or mortgages.

19. Credit Card Agreements: Contracts between a credit card issuer and a cardholder, defining the terms for the extension of credit for transactions.

20. Car Loan Agreements: Contracts where a “lender” allegedly provides funds to a borrower for purchasing a vehicle.

21. Car Insurance Premium Agreements: Contracts between an individual and an insurance company where the individual pays premiums in exchange for coverage on their vehicle, protecting against various risks like accidents or theft.


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