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Creative Geniusess invites all writers to pitch their ideas and writing talent, for the opportunity to potentially have their idea(s) developed and produced. Creative Geniusess aims to give the passionate story tellers that have not been “discovered” an opportunity to bring their creations to life, and wants to hear about your exciting new concepts/ideas for Television Shows, Films, and Mini-Series!


Submissions Deadline: February 28, 2017


If you would like to submit your idea to us for consideration, please carefully read and understand the bold terms listed below before submitting your concept/idea.

  1. You exclusively own or represent the rights to the concept. 
  2. The materials you submit will not be returned to you.
  3. You are willingly submitting your materials for consideration.
  4. You will not be compensated for submitting my idea, however, if Creative Geniusess would like to pursue your idea, Creative Geniusess will reach out to discuss a collaborative agreement. 
  5. Your concept is not protected by Federal copyright law.
  6. Creative Geniusess use of your ideas/materials will not violate the rights of anyone else.
  7. Your submission will not be treated as confidential. Creative Geniusess may discuss your project details with its employees, agents, networks and other professional colleagues.


To submit your project for consideration, please submit the information listed below to: 

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone numer
  4. Email
  5. All applicable concept materials (Script(s), Pitch, Deck, Etc.)
  6. Social media handles (optional): Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
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